3D Rendering and Virtual Reality: The New Road for any Design!

Do you remember that scene from Back to the Future: Part II when Marty McFly walks around the boulevard and a HUGE 3D shark, promoting Jaws 19, materializes over his head and takes a big-digital chomp on his head and scares his socks off? We all sure do! Actually, that was THE futuristic concept I loved the most. Sure, the hoverboard and the dehydrated pizza were terrific, but it was with the pixel-made shark when I thought: This is it! This will be the way all brands will advertise their products a few years from now. I know 2015 already happened (the year in which the movie´s plot developed) and more than a few were disappointed to realize that flying cars and automatized sneakers are still sci-fi dreams… but the shark is here and we have it!

Surely this is all figurative speaking. Not because we cannot do it (we would freakin´ love to!). But it has more to do with the fact that the Jaws franchise stopped a while ago. What I mean with the “shark” is that the same intent of immersing the prospect into the closest-to-the-real-thing feel is what 3D World Renderings do every single day and we are very proud of the way we do it.

The 3D Rendering and the Virtual Reality tours, both included in our Top-trending services, have really pushed on the boundaries when it comes to instantly create a connection with the client. And that the main reason for that is, like McFly who even crouched to dodge the bite, motion generates emotion. 

-When the investor sees how the lobby looks like, with all the people walking by with smiles on their faces…

-When the owner is inside his new bar, only seen before in dreams, and can walk between the tables with the aid of a pair of a VR set...
-When a just-married couple can enter the hall of the house they will call Home in the moment the construction is done...

That´s then we know we are doing it right!

So, if you also are a fan of the Back to the Future´s Shark-Attack and always imagined your project being promoted in such a spectacular way, let's have a one-to-one meeting soon enough and I'm certain that together, we will find the best way to make your clients SCREAM out of happiness.

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