Architectural model building: A nightmare?

You know we, people, haven't been going easy on our beloved planet for a while now. And yes, we can all agree that the consequences are hitting us hard. A friend of mine who is still working on her architecture degree called me the other day, saying she wanted to chat. She knows I’m part of the 3D World Renderings team so I figured out it would have something to do with some assignment for school.

When we finally met, she told me about her teacher, Mr. Zimmerman. As a veteran in infrastructure has been going heavily with the Architectural model building, which is completely normal while studying, but the plot thickens as the school is currently promoting a Zero - Waste campaign and all students are all in about it. The thing is Mr. Zimmerman is not cooperating that much with the ecological focus as he keeps requesting that the models should be made out of the exact same materials that have been used since he was a young lad. Some of these include: glues, foam, plastic, and many others.

I told my friend I would happily have a little talk with the professor, but the fact is that out there, a lot of architects, interior designers, and real estate developers still abuse the old ways while making models that require a big deal of time, money and space, which in many cases end up in the trash can.

It's not that I don't appreciate the way things were made some time ago. But once school is over and we become the work force, we really must be conscious in how to display our abilities and knowledge in a respectful way towards our environment. Also, we need to consider our time and how profitable our work is. We must optimize every single activity and make things with higher quality every time.

That is what the 3D World Renderings team stands for: To promote not only an advanced way to pitch your project to your buyer, but to do so by protecting our environment in a smart and clean way.  

3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real EstateVideo, 3D Animation and VFX bring you all the solutions to ecological, as well as financial and time-consuming problems. You will be really impressed by how different work can be with the right tool and the right provider. These solutions can be a great tool as well as a business card for your company. Then what are you waiting for? Use them in your favor!

If you feel the same way we do, and you are in the search for an environmental solution, let's have a chat and I'm sure will find a way to work together.

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