Building or Designing? We take your Ideas to the Screen!

Picture this: You are an architect around the 90`s. Recently, a big brand of hotels decided to open one in your town and after a harsh negotiation and an ambitious competition against other firms, they decided to hire you. You go all in! Your team works day and night to have the plans ready on time. In every single scale model, material proposal and decision-making phase you get a big green light with a delighted hand shake from every single executive aboard. Everything is going terrific and the building is already on its final stage. One day out of the blue, the head of the directive comes to check out on the project. You greet him with confidence but then… you see there's a grim look on his face.

-Is everything ok, sir? - you ask.
-Not at all… This is not the way I wanted it.

Your heart freezes. Your hands begin to sweat. The whole team stops the work. The business man keeps staring around, surprised and with contempt. After an eternal minute, you dare to ask:

-What exactly is it that you don´t like?

The angry man starts to point here and there while yelling his mind off. Some scratch their heads, others cover their mouths. You can't do anything but listen to the discomfort. You wish it was all a nightmare. And guess what… IT IS!

You are here and now! You have a 3D rendered version of your project and you are exploring it alongside the general director of the company you are currently working for. In a certain point he stops you and ask:

-Is there any way we can have thicker pillars in the lobby?

You take note of the request. Then you reply: 

-Sure, no problem. Let me do some adjustments and then I'll ask the guys at 3D World Renderings to apply the changes so you can check on them. How about that?

The meeting ends and you thank the skies that you live in a time and place in which if the client doesn't like something… you can just change it using the computer. You drive home. Life is good.

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