Don't lose time with old-fashioned models!

We all know someone who is truly exceptional about a certain craft. For me, that would be Tom. We call him “Tom the Artist” because the architectural models he creates deserve to be in a museum display. Tom worried about using first-class, expensive materials to get the looks of the model as close as possible. The pasting and painting processes took him a while and he even installed electric wire to illuminate the insides of his models. Oddly as it may sound, Tom´s office wasn't doing that well.

The modeling was taking too much of his time and the clients grew anxious as days went by. There's no doubt that his models were breathtaking, but many people started to be more interested in the miniatures than in the real project, which was totally not the point.

I had to talk to him, he is my friend after all. I don´t recall the exact words but the intervention went somewhere close to this:

“Times have changed, bro. And clients have changed as well. They don't care that much for how we do things anymore. Now it's all about being practical, being accurate and showing results ASAP. Sure, we did a lot of models at school. We learned the best techniques and spent whole nights applying them to get a good grade. You do remember those endless nights, right? But we just can´t keep working like that anymore. It is not profitable. We need some sleep now! Our 20´s are gone and our bodies became resistant to caffeine. You got a family now and, as I said before, times have changed… Clients are demanding something different now, a more immersive experience, but at the same time it must be the fastest way possible. It is our duty to adapt ourselves. It might not be easy at first, but you will learn new stuff just as we did before.”

I did feel my words went through. After a period of silence, he looked me right in the eye and asked, with a string of voice: So, what do I do? The answer came with ease: You hire someone to do it for you! And I don´t mean anyone. You hire an expert that knows what the clients are asking for and understand what your needs are. Sounds good?

It does, but… I just LOVE doing models. It’s my favorite part and it is what I am good at. The answer didn't get me off guard. We both knew he needed to move on to modern times in order to do things more effectively and take his company somewhere.

Now Tom works with a rendering agency that develops all the modeling of the projects. He changed his messy plans-filled and time-consuming suitcase with a set of VR headset which he carries all the time. Not only that, but his clients began to appreciate the modern approach of his plans and sells eventually started to flow. Tom the Artist keeps working on his artistic hand-made models. It's more of a pleasant hobby now. I even heard that another friend of his wants to put some of his models in a gallery. I'm really looking forward to check that exhibition out.

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