Explaining Vs. Showing. The HUGE difference

Let's play Charades! 3 words, ready? Ok, first word: I model my hands as trying to introduce you to a new product, while I rub my fingers against each other. Second word: Two letters. I point my eye. Then I draw a big “S” in the air. Third word: I brush some invisible dust out of my right shoulder. What did I say? No? I was saying Selling is easy.

What? You didn't get it? Yeah, you weren't right here looking at me and that made it a bit more challenging. But if you stop to actually think about it, how many clients can you meet face to face? How about that big investor you met overseas, and is eager to know more about your new architecture project? Too far? Let's keep it close then. Let's say that a new married couple wants to you to design their new furniture. They currently live past into the countryside and it takes them more than 4 hours to get to you.

Sure, you´ll be able to meet them every once in a while, or perhaps have multiple digital meetings, long phone calls, and heavy mailing. But trying to sell an idea by just wanting others to imagine it is like pretending to win a Charades match in the dark.

Selling is easy and I mean it, but it is a fact that there are many ways to do so and some of them are more efficient than others. There are several studies that claim that we all live in the “Image Era” and that has to do with the fact that nowadays everything has a visual representation. Hundreds of teachers around the world are currently using YouTube videos to support their activities. There are digital classes about every single subject out there and you can have complete access to them from your cell phone and even the pitching of a project without any visual aid seems sort of antique and boring.

This is no one’s fault! It's just how we understand things now and we are all very invited to apply these tools in our advantage.

This is why it is extremely important to know the difference between simply explaining your architectural model while making weird gestures with your hands and face through a webcam presentation… and actually showing an extremely realistic version of your project all wrapped up: how it looks under certain light, what colors and furniture will bring the best potential out of certain space and, most important, to show your clients how their investment will be applied with more than words.

Sure! To play Charades with an explaining video will certainly spoil all the fun but when it comes to the “Sales-game”, the whole 3DWorld Renderings team wants you to have all the resources you need to WIN EVERY TIME. Get to know all their products and services: 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real Estate Video, and 3D Animation & VFX. 

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