Always give your Investors a feeling of the space.

You are looking forward to buying a beach house. Like if you just rubbed a magic lamp, a random guy gets close and tells you he is selling his beach house. Yup, right in the block you want it and he describes it with the type of tropical furniture and tall ceiling you pictured it with. And, most importantly, it fit your budget. You can´t believe how lucky you are!

-Sounds great! So when can I see it?

-Oh… yeah, you can't.
-Excuse me?
-Well yeah, I mean: I'm selling it to you, but I don't like strangers walking around, you know? It's a crazy world! Isn’t it?
-Ammm I guess…
 -But you can totally believe me. It has everything you ever dreamed of and more. Trust me! Actually, you look like a good sport so I´ll give you a better offer.

Would you take this deal? I mean, it sounds perfect so why wouldn't you? I guess the guy may seem out of his mind, but he doesn't show any weird trait, he actually looks like a decent man so why are you still doubting? The answer is quite simple: It's because you can't see it. How are you supposed to buy a house you haven’t seen yet.

I know this example seems a bit too unrealistic, but you'll be surprised by how many projects are being promoted based on that “just trust me” element. And it doesn't matter how good of a salesman you might be, this is never a clever approach, and at the very end, buyers won’t be completely happy, because probably the product will be really different from what they imagined.

I used you in this example because it's not always easy to picture it from the other side, and I mean: Inside the investor's shoes. It doesn't matter if your client buys a beach house every year of if he is ready to spend his lifetime savings on it, when you are the one compromised you will ask for every insurance there is out there is order to get what you are paying for.

At 3D World Renderings that is exactly what we do. When you can give an investor the actual look of the beach house he is looking forward to enjoy every summer, when you show how open spaces are, when you let them feel the idea of the breeze coming through the window and the sound of the waves at night, the “just trust me” speech becomes the “you are watching it and it is real” speech.

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