How do you usually present your projects to buyers?

Close your eyes for a bit. Take a deep breath and think: What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “salesperson”? You got it? Now let me check how my mind reading skills are flowing today: Perhaps it came to you the figure of a little man, probably bald, with a suitcase in his hand and a fake smile on his face. Was I close? If I was, then I'm afraid you are infected with the “Ancient salesman” concept. Let me tell you a bit more about him:

The also called “Homo salectus” lives on a hostile environment in which he depends on his communicative skills to approach his pray: clients. The challenge comes as they discover their targets to be a bit close-minded and avoid their speech and, in many cases, react quite aggressively by not picking the phone or ignoring mails, which may lead our hero to starvation in extreme cases.

This salesperson can be anyone. They can sell insurance, credit cards, or even houses and new products. The important thing is that there are better selling strategies than the long, boring speech no one ever listens to. And not every person who is trying to sell something has to look that way.

In the case of architects, designers, and real estate developers, who work on sales too, they used to offer their creations with a heavy kit of handmade drawings, a briefcase filled with building plans on scrolls, and complex architectural models made out foam and plastic figurines which will be disposed after the pitch.

Thankfully, the Homo salectus is close to extinction, which has a lot to do with a major discovery that is promoting their social evolution. That new gear is called: 3d rendering, and it is redefining their whole hunting system. Modern tools allow them to be a lot more specific, more creative, more interesting, and to catch their prey way easier.

The fact is that nowadays 3 out of 10 professionals related to sales are still trying to present their projects to possible buyers based on how good their pitching skills are. They are still Homo salectus, and it is just not reliable any more.

A pitch supported by a speech often leaves many doubts about the conceptualization of the complete project. A pitch supported by a fully detailed render of your architectural model, your real estate development or your product, makes it a lot easier for the client to choose right and make the decision to buy.

This is why the 3DWorld Renderings team will keep promoting the evolution of the everyday sales-pitch, serving as the bridge by which everyone shall walk and rise. Make a call and get to know them, you will be amazed by their products: 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real Estate Video, and 3D Animation & VFX. 

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