4 "Must Have" for Architects, Designers, and Real Estate developers

It is well known that the architectural and Real Estate market is one of the toughest ones out there. This has to do with the fact that spaces are getting scarce which lead to a very prominent rise in pricing not only related to the commercial or the building process, but also at the designing and pitching sides of it. Architecture firms, interior design studios and Real Estate developers are finding, more now than ever before, that clients want it all and they are quite open to negotiate with whoever has the best to offer. 

The game is changing. Reputation of the big firms is losing it´s weight while some younger and daring agencies are finding new ways to connect with clients. The scene is different for buyers as well. They are more meticulous about their outlay and more demanding in the final product. Architects, interior designers and Real Estate developers all around the country have become more aware of this shift on the demand and are already adjusting their strategy to it. 

One of the biggest changes out there is the technology used at the pitching and closeout process. Because investment is being driven with more caution, the old ways of presenting a project lacked the luxury of details the market is craving for. This is why firms around the globe have been starting to use more immersive methods to get their clients a closer look to the final result. 

According to several sources, these are the Top “Must have” elements for architects, designers and Real Estate developers to succeed on the present market: 

1.- A Skilled team: The core is still the same. Without a team of experts on whatever service your firm is providing, there's not much that can be done to remain relevant on the field. Outsourcing has also opened a new way for teams to grow without internal infrastructure, being able to provide a wider range of services for clients. 

2.- A Marketing plan: Nowadays it's not enough to have the right style or vision for projects, it is imperative to work with a strategy that supports a brand and all the distinctive traits that it is based on. Without a way to keep landing possible buyers on the desk, it is quite difficult for simpler firms to outlast. 

3.- Strong relationships: Contacts are gold in every field. To know the right person at the right time could mean closing the deal that will change the course of the firm for good. To be a part of a strong network of buyers and suppliers is an excellent and extremely important method to get more sales. 

4.- The right tech: To stay updated on the most trendy alternatives to speed up processes is a top need. Regarding the architectural and designing business, 3D rendering and VR touring have quickly escalated to become imperative tools for closing deals at present time. With their immersive traits, clients have a close-to-perfect understanding on the final product. 

3D Word Renderings is a digital, creative studio based on New York that has helped numerous architecture firms, interior design studios and Real Estate developers to improve their process and conquer the new market. If you have all the “Must Have” except for the right technology to present your project, contact us! We will be glad to help with our 3D Renderings, Virtual Reality, and Real Estate Video!

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