5 Reasons for Architects & Designers to utilize 3D renderings

Your architecture firm already has the team, the process and the vision. The only thing left to do is to get the clients and, for some companies, this is where it gets tricky. As we have discussed in other entries, a big part of the success for an architecture firm comes not only from having great skills and a powerful vision for developing new projects, but also in knowing how to pitch and sale these projects as any other field out there. There's obviously an area responsible for this specific enterprise. But how can you apply the creative line of a firm to the commercial side of it? That is exactly the question we will answer with this post.

Renderings have changed the way architects and designers do business. It has not only become a trendy way to prove a firm's modern approach but it it's also a very powerful pitching tool. Through 3D rendering, your client will get a real taste of how the final project will look like, even without setting the first brick on the ground. More now than ever before, the rendering tech is aiding hundreds of companies around the world to communicate their ideas and vision with their clients. That is why we want to share with you 5 of the many reasons for architects and designers to use 3D renderings for their projects:

1.- Accurate reference: CG programs can truly deliver a close to reality version of the final project. This is not only important for the building process but also for the client's approval of the work. Including lighting and shadowing effects, texturized furniture and a real sense of space, among many other traits, a 3D render is a great tool for sharing a concept.

2.- Not as expensive as you think: While some older practices included creating scale models of the projects, doing handmade building plans or even making new decisions at the middle of the building process, a 3D render allows changes to be made to the draft and not the real thing, possibly saving a lot of money and time to everybody.

3.- Fast to do: This depends on the length and complexity of a project but compared to the real building process, it would take less than half of the time needed to have an amazing sneak peek to the final product.

4.- Get it in your pocket: A 3D render is easy to share and show. It is a handy way to present it to any client or partner at any time, at any place. This is a very important characteristic to consider while getting approval from the client.

5.- Fully engaging: There's no better way to get a client fall in love with the project than giving it a real glimpse of how it will look like once built.

If you are ready tu use 3D Rendering, Virtual Reality, Real Estate video, or 3D Animation or your projects, contact us, we are ready to work with you!

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