Guide to become an Amazing Architect in New York

Go BIG or go home! That is the NY law. Every architect would love to leave his mark in one the most beautiful, important, and hot cities of the globe… If not “the” most. That is not an easy task though. Actually, only a few privileged get the chance to do so. If you are not from around, the myths are true: New York is indeed a concrete jungle and if you are not ready for it, it will eat you alive. But if you are a Yankee brother then you know better than anyone that when it comes to the design/building business, you gotta be the very best, the master, the artist… the legend.

Alright then. I was listening to some epic soundtrack while I wrote that BUT that doesn't make it less true. To be a well-positioned architect requires a very specific set of skills. Some of them can be taught and learned but some others, you gotta be born with them. But to be a well-positioned architect in New York, that is something else. This city is mad! If you could turn it into a character, it would definitely be the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Always rushed! With a big clock in his hand, in need to do everything and to be everywhere. This also includes your future clients: They got no time. You got a minute (if you are lucky) to pitch your project and to get them in love with it.

If I had to pick the most challenging part of New York´s architectural industry, that would be the competition. Like you, there are hundreds of great solo professionals and famous firms that would like to take a chomp from the Big Apple. So if you are planning to design and build a house, an apartment or even a whole building do realize that there will be many others applying for that same project. That is why your vision has to be outstanding but practical, simple but powerful, magnificent but not too pricy... Can you do that?

This might sound like a lot but I know you don't get scared that easily. You will do it and we will help you. The 3D World Renderings team is always rooting for those who have the goal of becoming an amazing architect. That’s why we want to share with you a quick guide to be a hit at New York:

1.- Be Professional: Dress like one, talk like one, charge like one. Do some research of the top firms and well known architects out there. Study what they do and how they do it and compare their tactics with yours. If you find out a way to improve by doing this, apply it.

2.- Fetch the ball: This means that you should be ready to negotiate. Remember how I talked about competition? I wasn't bluffing. It is very common that big investors have many providers aiming to work their projects. If you are clever, you will find a way to propose a deal they won't be able to pass by.

3.-Show it to sell it: Your clients got no time, right? You only got a few chances to dazzle them. And the best and most clever way to do so is through a killer 3D rendering of your project, which allows your clients to see the final product and get a feeling about the place. There is no better way to pitch your design.

At 3D World Renderings, we specialize in aiding amazing architects to close their deals through 3D renderings and VR for architectural projects. Why does it work so well? Because you help your clients to connect to your vision: You help them see what you see.

If you are looking forward to build something spectacular in New York City, contact us and we will be happy to be part of your team with our 3D Rendering Services. Welcome to NY!

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