How Renders changed the course of Architecture and Design Forever

There's no going back and those are amazing news! Not too many years ago, architecture and design were a completely different kind of business. If you are an architect, perhaps they taught you in school how to build handmade scale models of your projects. Did you used to end up with sticky fingers because of the glue? Remember holding your breath to prevent the first sticks from falling? We won´t say it wasn't fun. It was school after all and we had to learn the basics. But do you believe architects had to do all that to pitch their projects to their potential clients?! It was no homework assignment, we mean “Real Life”! They used to spend night after night at the office or garage, with rulers and protractors, measuring and drawing and gluing… Wait. Don´t tell me you still work like that!

Rendering is the new thing! Well, not so new anymore (it has been around for a couple of years now) but the tech keeps advancing and getting more and more detailed, to the point that it's almost hard to distinguish a renderized room than the real thing. 3D modeling has changed the rules of the game for many industries including: product design, real estate and obviously architecture and interior design. Why was it such a mold breaker? Because it allowed clients to feel, to size, to clearly visualize their projects before they were even started!

Present time technology allows render artists to be as close to reality as they want. Some rendering traits include geometry, viewpoint, texture, lighting, and shading; just to mention the most basic ones. With this, the artist has the opportunity to translate whatever it is on his mind and show it to his buyer. This also allows changes to be made quickly on the digital platform and not the real product, which makes it way easier for the builder to create exactly what the client wants to see. Bulletproof projects: That is what we do!

3D World Rendering is a digital creative studio based in New York and we LOVE the look on the faces of our clients and associates when they first peek on our screens or put on a VR set and see how their projects come to life. That is exactly how we want your clients to feel: Overwhelmed! In case you haven't realized how passionate we are towards rendering, we would like to share with you the TOP 4 features of rendering that we love the most:

It's fast: It depends on the size of the project, of course, but all of our projects come out of the oven ready to be served on the scheduled day. We know our tools and craft, which allows us to be certain of the time it's gonna take to deliver.

It's practical: No more sticky fingers. We only need the help of our always trusty computers. Every aspect of the render requires a specific software. We always use the best of them to get the results our clients deserve!

It's immersive: You are inside the room, ain't that crazy? You can actually picture yourself laying on bed with a cold one in your hand. You can feel how the lights will hit and how the carpets will look. There's no better way of pitching a project.

It's emotional: You get your clients hyped! That's the dream, right? Once your clients begin to imagine how they will feel in the new living room, watching TV with their kids and having the dog running around the place. How many parties are they going to have in that elegant dining room, how good life is going to be once the house is ready… Friend, you got yourself a sale.

We truly hope this short and sweet list helps you realize the importance of renders in present time architectural industry. If you have any questions of how you can use a render to escalate your closed deals, contact us to hire 3D Rendering Services and one of our team members will reach you. Change the course of your business too!

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