Is Designing Hard for you? We've got the Solution!

My grandma used to say that no one is good at everything. I didn't really believe her. I was sure I could be good at everything I wanted to do. It's just a matter of patience and discipline after all. As I grew up, I realized that architecture was my thing. I started drawing everyday and even if I can't say I was the best of my class, at least I had the basics well tamed. My surprise came when I found out that a big part of my college class wasn't really that into drawing. What else could it be about? I decided to mind my own biz and keep on doing my best in every course. 

I remember a building plan I had to deliver as a final exam. I worked day and night on it for over a week. I got a C+ which was alright, I didn't feel that strong in that signature. Then one of my classmates came out with a peaceful look on his face and a grade better than mine. No way I was letting that roll just like that! 

-How did you do it?! - I had to ask. 

-Did what? 

-How did you get so good at designing all of the sudden? 

-Oh, that! I paid someone to do it for me. 

My head just boiled. I felt my blood burning through my veins. “Cheater”, I thought in my mind. I didn't say another word. Just turned around and started to walk. Should I tell on him? We were too old for that but something had to be done… Justice had to prevail! 

-Listen, do you want her contact for future projects? She is a great designer and the price is quite fair. I got her working for my at my firm and if you want to... 

-Firm... -I glanced over my shoulder- What firm? 

-My firm, friend. My architecture firm. Some friends and I gathered together and we are already out there making some green, you know what I mean? 

I couldn't believe my ears. This guy being extremely less talented and passionate about architecture than me already had a firm while I was still figuring out how to apply what I was learning. I exploded! 

-How dare you?! - I howled - How can you have an architecture firm when you don't even know how to design? 

-Oh, well! It's just that I feel much more confident on sales. I bring the clients to the table and then I hire someone else to do all the hard work for me. They make money. I make money. The client is happy with the results. Everyone wins, right? 

He was right… I had to learn the bad way that you don't really have to do it all by your own because, well, you just can´t be good at everything. School has been over for a while now and at some point I even worked with this guy and became close friends. Real life doesn't really care about grades or how you hack it to get it done. The only thing life really cares is: Results. 

As a member of the 3D World Rendering team, I wanted to share this short story of how I found out the best way to keep growing. If you or your firm are having a hard time with design, 3D Animation, 3D Rendering, or VR experiences, give us a call and we will be happy to lend you a hand in whatever you are stuck with.

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