Renderings and VR better than Reality Itself

Reality is overrated. As a team of Virtual Reality developers and 3D rendering artists we stand firm on that statement. Why do we love Renderings and VR over real life, you might ask? “I knew designers and tech geeks were kind of weird”, am I right? Well, the answer is very simple and not that philosophical: We can modify a render with one click. 

The world of renderings and virtual reality is one you - and your clients through you - can fully control. You want to see how your dreamed living room looks under twilight? Click. There you go. You want to see a bit more lightning over the shelf? Click. You got it! Now, to be honest with you, we were just trying to hook you up a little bit with that first line. Of course reality presents a set of elements, like people and feelings, that can't be designed with a computer but consider that we work with architects, interior designers, Real Estate developers, marketers and product designers. Those are all fields where a big investment has to be done just to get the skeleton done. 

I don't even know how people used to do it back in the day. Clients trusted architects and designers just because! I mean… sure, they had their scale models and their plans but I bet a lot of clients weren't that imaginative. They couldn't picture the projects they were investing maybe their lifetime savings. Are you kidding me now? How was that even possible?! I guess I can picture my grandpa shaking the hand of the architect that built his house saying: “Oh yes, I feel it in my gut. This is one good architect and he will get it right…” I am sorry but that just sounds insane to me. 

I guess it's just different times but I do need to try it, to touch it, to feel it before I buy it. That is the only way I can be really sure that I will get what I'm paying for, as simple as that. So when old school companies come to us and don't see how important it is to let their clients get a close to perfect, fully-detailed look on how the final project will be like… I just don't get it. People want to know, people deserve to know if their ideas were translated correctly to the creatives and designers. If not… well, that's gonna be someone else´s house. 

At 3D World Renderings we are experts on 3D rendering of any type of space or product. We are also razor sharp when it comes to Virtual Reality experiences, whether the whole digital structure needs to be made from scratch or to simply digitize a real space to put it inside a headset so people can tour wherever they are. We do 3D animation and VFX as well and we do it with so much care and love because we know it's important, we know firms need it and their clients need it was well just to be sure their dreamed spaces are coming to life in the exact way they want them to. 

3D Rendering and Virtual Reality should and will be getting closer and closer to reality itself. And at some point it will be even better. Yes, better! We need it to be better so we can see more, so we can make sure every single string on the carpet, every single mosaic at the shower is just perfect and it will remain that way when it is built in the real life. Contact us and hire our renderings services so you can see how your projects come to life!

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