The Secret Formula to obtain a Perfect 3D Render

We all love secrets. And the secrets that help us close more deals are the best! What? You wanna know it? Alright, I'll share it with you in a minute. But first I would like you to know where does it come from and why we believe it's important to have a formula to start with. As you know, a 3D render is practically a sales tool for architects, product designers and Real Estate developers. It is used to show a product and to pitch a project filled with the smallest details (which are usually the most important ones) and to give a close-to-reality feeling about a product, room or space before they even exist.

Now, as any other sales tool, there’s a proper way to use renderings, and if it's not done right, then there is the chance that a lot of working hours go right to the trash. This is why we structured a set of steps to follow every single time. Our so called “Secret formula” which won´t be a secret no more. It is quite simple actually, but also very powerful. The formula goes like this:


This is how it works:

Briefing: It's the very first step. We don't only brief your client's needs and desires but also yours. Every firm and every designer has a very specific style and vibe, which is exactly what we want to respect and adapt to the renderings. Like that, your client does feel like we are working together.

Proposing: Once we understand you and your client, it's our job to hit the nail. We apply a work cell formed by the team members that we know will flow correctly to get a first version of the render. Once it's ready, we pitch it to you. Only if we pass your filter, then we share it with you for your own pitching with the final client.

Editing: There is always a little screwing left to do once the pitching process is over. We fix whatever is there to fix so the render gets even better. Then we give it the final touch so it's ready to stay as a reference through the whole building process.

Engagement: This is the secret spice. For the 3DWR team, to engage is to pimp the render not only as it needs to be but to add a little more. This has to be with the firm´s style and the client's personality. A bit more blue over there, another shadow here.

Perfect Renders = Happy clients

And while our “secret formula” could seem a little obvious, the truth is that it is quite effective. We have tested it over the years and the results have always been positive. f you are planning to upgrade your sales process through 3D rendering, contact us and we'll happily get to you to explain how this very same formula could be adapted to your client's needs.

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