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Now you can Instantly Book your appointments Online!

After months of hard work, we are happy to officially announce the launch of our brand new website. Where we mainly focused on the four 3D rendering & animation services that we specialize in: –  3D Rendering –  Virtual Reality –  Real Estate Video –  3D Animation & VFX The website has been completely redesigned to provide our visitors and clients, with an easier way to learn about who we are as well as what services and solutions we offer to help you render your ideas to life! Visit us often as we will be constantly updating our content with new blog posts, company updates, and client successes. We hope you enjoy the new fresh and modern design. For any ques tions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us. And hey, if you have been sitting on a project and would like to pick it up, talk to us, whatever the nature of your project might be, we can help, either from the architectural rendering stand of point: Hospitality, Residential, Commercial, or fr

Virtual Reality the next Secret Weapon for Real Estate Developers in New York

As a Brooklyn based design studio specialized in 3D Rendering & Virtual Reality, we experience everyday new challenges as well improvements not only from the technological stand of point, but also from the consumer’s new demands and needs. According to a recent study from   Digi-Capital , by 2021, the market for VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) tech is expected to reach the 108 billion dollars. To put that into a wider perspective, with this same amount we could bail out Greece, which currently has a debt of around $110 billion*. And according to  Goldman Sachs , VR alone will be an $80 billion dollar market by 2025 — with $2.6 billion of that coming directly from the Real Estate market. The actual definition for virtual reality, according to the Virtual Reality Society: Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this vi

Why Virtual Reality can Help you close more Deals?

Leaving aside degenerative brain disease, your brain never loses the ability to learn and change because it’s effectively plastic and constantly rewiring itself, according to a recent study by the  Daring Adventure Team. So why should 3D Rendering technology be any different? If our brains are constantly rewiring itself, and we are assuming that it’s constantly getting better and sharper as we grow older, why wouldn’t our 3D & VR technology get better and better? We were happy to see that some of the articles out on the innerwebs were questioning whether 3D Renders were fulling or deriving the people. Meaning, because our technology is gotten better and better, we are now able to simulate reality to almost perfection. At times fooling the untrained eye, and as a consequence this had false expectations on the home buyer, for instance. This was one of their major concerns. As a team of specialists in 3D & VR, we understand completely that there are constrains within

Virtual Reality vs. Real Life

We are excited to see the world evolving in an unimaginable rapid matter. Not even 30 years ago, people could not communicate easily with people in their same city, nor less with people across the world. Today we are privileged to be able to jump on a plain a be on the other side of the world in a matter of hrs. Here at  3D World renderings, Inc . in New York, we stand in awe of how not only our 3D technology is advancing daily, not just our communication, but our ability to relate with people and convey an idea! At our Brooklyn studio, we say we are able to see into the future and predict how it might look. In other words, we are able to see a project fully developed virtually, with our 3D renders, Real Estate 3D animations, VFX and VR tools, before a project is completed in reality. How? You may be asking? Well, we are able to communicate with our tools what needs to be done for future projects or, better yet, what exist already, and anyone can see across the globe. On t

Why we Believe the Key to Architecture is Knowing how to Express an Idea!

In a world where our time is the most value resource we might want to start to think about what are the tools that help us save the most time and resources in the long term. You want to be able to convey your idea, help your client see it, and feel emotionally connected to it. At our Brooklyn studio we see a simple solution. You basically have to be able to explain your ideas and help your clients see what you see. Using relatable terms and using comparisons to other already existing projects. This will be easy to do with people who are visual, as they may be imagining what you say in their head as you speak. For someone who is not visual and may be more on the digital sense you may have to be more precise and speak in direct terminology. When it comes to helping your client connect emotionally, it’s useful to help them relate to the mood or help them imagine how it will be one they have their property. You can use terms that indicate they already live there and own the plac