Virtual Reality vs. Real Life

We are excited to see the world evolving in an unimaginable rapid matter. Not even 30 years ago, people could not communicate easily with people in their same city, nor less with people across the world. Today we are privileged to be able to jump on a plain a be on the other side of the world in a matter of hrs. Here at 3D World renderings, Inc. in New York, we stand in awe of how not only our 3D technology is advancing daily, not just our communication, but our ability to relate with people and convey an idea!

At our Brooklyn studio, we say we are able to see into the future and predict how it might look. In other words, we are able to see a project fully developed virtually, with our 3D renders, Real Estate 3D animations, VFX and VR tools, before a project is completed in reality. How? You may be asking? Well, we are able to communicate with our tools what needs to be done for future projects or, better yet, what exist already, and anyone can see across the globe.

On the most recent article from The Investors Business Daily they said if someone’s in Moscow and sees a picture of this home, they say, “Eh, it’s over in Malibu, all I see is this photo; I’m not enthused,” Ryan said. “But if we send them a High Resolution 3D rendering, fully immersive experience, they can really see the waves and get a feel for this house and say: ‘It’s perfect for me”.

Allow us to expand, we learned that Virtual Reality and 3D renderings or as Architects and Interior Designers would call them “Architectural Visualizations”, are able to take someone who is on the other side of the world, through an experience. They are able to imagine, feel and experience being there, without physically traveling anywhere but their browser. On a recent business lunch with a Real Estate Developer in Manhattan, NY, we learned that they were increasing their sales by expanding their market across the world using 3D & VR. They would send their potential buyer a preloaded VR set of their available listing and were able to find their client the right fit without having to travel across the country and having to go from place to place. Imagine that!

So we are happy to see how our 3D and VR technology is able to convey an idea to exactitude, and how this is helping people relate in ways they never imagine possible 30 years ago.

Next week, will go deeper on how could you implement not only 3D renders, but also add motion graphics to your upcoming presentation and secure that sale or investment and make more money!

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