Why Virtual Reality can Help you close more Deals?

Leaving aside degenerative brain disease, your brain never loses the ability to learn and change because it’s effectively plastic and constantly rewiring itself, according to a recent study by the Daring Adventure Team.

So why should 3D Rendering technology be any different? If our brains are constantly rewiring itself, and we are assuming that it’s constantly getting better and sharper as we grow older, why wouldn’t our 3D & VR technology get better and better?

We were happy to see that some of the articles out on the innerwebs were questioning whether 3D Renders were fulling or deriving the people. Meaning, because our technology is gotten better and better, we are now able to simulate reality to almost perfection. At times fooling the untrained eye, and as a consequence this had false expectations on the home buyer, for instance. This was one of their major concerns. As a team of specialists in 3D & VR, we understand completely that there are constrains within reality that do not exist in the virtual world.

However, we do not want to take our technology for granted, we would like to improve upon it and make it better. We would like to believe we are visionaries of what is possible in reality as we are shooting for 200% to reach a 120% in reality.

Next week, will go deeper on the whole process of buying and selling real estate in this new era of 3D Renderings & Virtual Reality!

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