The American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is an organization of architects based in Washington D.C. It supports the architecture profession by providing education, government advocacy, community redevelopment, and public outreach.

13 architects founded the AIA in 1857, and it held its first convention in 1867. The AIA teams with members of the design and construction industries to coordinate the building industry. The AIA has over 90,000 members worldwide. These members adhere to a strict code of ethics and professional conduct. There are five levels of membership in The AIA: 

Architect members: They are licensed to practice architecture in the United States. 

Associate members: They are not yet licensed but work under supervision from licensed architects. 

International associate members: They have a license from an equivalent authority outside the United States. 

Emeritus members: They have been members of The AIA for fifteen years and are over 65 years of age or unable to work in the architecture profession. 

Allied members: They are not architects, but their professions are related to the building and design community.

3D World Renderings is an allied member of The AIA. This membership is clear evidence of our expertise in working with the real estate industry and the reason why you should hire us to render your ideas.

We have an experienced team of designers trained to understand our client's needs and expectations. We bring your vision to life with our 3D rendering, animation, and VR. Our philosophy is to work with passion. We do more than we are expected to, because we want your project to be as amazing as you imagine it. Schedule your meeting with one of our amazing senior designers today and let us

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