The Best Construction Fence Signage 3D Renderings in NYC

The City of New York has requirements for signage in construction's fences. The purpose of these signs is to improve the appearance of job sites and to provide relevant information to the community in a uniform consolidated sign. These signs have color, font, material, and size requirements. They must be legible, securely attached, and free of sharp edges, protruding nails, or similar hazards at all times. The information that must be in these signs is:
  • A rendering of the building exterior that doesn't contain logos or commercially recognizable symbols. 
  • A title specifying "work in progress" as well as the occupancy. 
  • Anticipated project completion date. 
  • The corporate name and telephone number of the general contractor, or for a demolition site, the demolition contractor. 
  • The statement, in both English and Spanish, "To anonymously report unsafe condition at this work site, call 311".
  •  A copy of the primary project permit, with accompanying text "To see other permits issued of this property, visit  

3D World Renderings can provide you with the necessary imagery, graphics, and 3d rendering to comply with these requirements. The renderings of your building will be so realistic that it will be hard to distinguish them from actual pictures.

The reason you want such a good image in your sign is that people walk by it and you want to catch their attention as you never know when a prospective buyer may stumble upon your sign. A beautiful render can have people say "Wow, this will be a marvelous building" and that can invite them to look further information about it and even request a meeting to invest in your construction.

Also, a beautiful render can help members of the community visualize a building that will embellish their street and increase the capital gain of the area, thus reducing friction caused by the noises and additional traffic that come with construction. We want to talk to you about how 3D World Renderings can help you create a great image for your fence sign. Please schedule your meeting so that one of our senior designers can reach to you within a business day.  We look forward to working with you.

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