Walk Through or Fly Through any place with our 3D Animations

3D animation's history is longer than you think, it was in the fifties when the first experiments appeared. Before computers, people made figures of clay and photographed them. When pasted all the pictures together and they resulted in an animated film.

Claymation, as it was known, is beautiful but time-consuming; it takes hours or even days to shoot a few minutes of motion. Then, computers were invented, and realistic human shapes appeared in the '70s. In the '90s iconic 3D animations such as Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park made their way through Hollywood. Today, we watch these movies, and we can distinguish animated parts, but back then it was a boom.

Then, Pixar introduced 100% animated features like Toy Story, the first full-length animated feature. 3D animation was expensive back then, and not accessible for everyone.

We have come a long way from those days. Now in 2019, 3D animation is everywhere, and not only that, but it is also incredibly detail-oriented. Back in the '90s, one could only dream of things like realistic hair or water. Now, not only we can get a realistic look, sometimes it is hard to distinguish animations from the real thing.

Also, the animation is not only reserved for the film industry anymore. The advertising industry has benefited itself from this technique. Currently, it is cheaper and more appealing than live-action -term used to refer to conventional productions with real people and environments. This boom has reached the real estate industry, providing an alternative to conventional media such as newspaper listings, brochures, and investor meetings among others.

3D World Renderings is a design studio that specializes in creating amazing 3D animations in New York City. We can animate pretty much anything, fully-built spaces and even those yet unbuilt. We can also animate products. Our work has been on TV internationally and on the screens of private presentations. We have a creative and experienced staff from various disciplines such as 3D animation, graphics, and video effects.

In 3D World Renderings we can help you create an astonishing 360º fully animated tour of your project to impress investors and prospective buyers, and we assure you great success. Let's talk more about it, schedule a meeting through our website and one of our senior designers will get back to you within a business day to discuss how we can make an addition to your project.

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