Meet the Construction Fence Signage Requirements in NYC.

Regulations provide order and structure to our everyday life. As a society, we need rules to function properly, and these rules apply to everything we do. Construction sites are no exception.

New York City asks developers to meet specific requirements to build their projects. One of these requirements is the placement of detailed signage in an outside fence to provide the community with relevant information about the construction site.

The information panel is standardized, which means it should include the same information at every construction site.

The panel should include a project rendering, elevation drawing of building or zoning diagram of building exterior, a description of the project and anticipated completion date, owner and contractor information, 311 information and the primary Department of Buildings permit.

Demolition sites also require an information panel but with no graphic representation and housing projects for up to three families are exempt from placing these signages.

Construction sites should also include a sidewalk shed parapet panel. This panel should include the location's address as well as the name of the contractor or owner.

All other signage must be removed, including buildings permits, contractor signs, and 311 information signs.

As a developer, you might be wondering where to get the best 3D rendering to comply with signage regulations. It is important that the rendering be as accurate as possible to give the community an idea of how the construction is going to look like.

3D World Renderings is a Brooklyn-based boutique studio that specializes in 3Drendering and virtual reality. Rendering is our passion and we do our best to understand your vision and bring it to life.

Current technology makes it possible to create photography-like renderings that convey a realistic depiction of how the project will look like once it is finished.

We work with our customers as a team, our goal is not a one-time big profit but to establish a long-term relationship. We constantly evaluate the progress of your rendering to make adjustments, as they are necessary.

At 3D World Renderings, Inc. we have a talented handpicked team fully committed to their work and to provide the results you are expecting.

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