3D World NY 5 best renderings of 2019 so far

We have discussed how it is better to show than to tell. We believe that our work is our best promoter. So, in this article we will analyze 5 renders made by our studio, 3D World Renderings.

Render 1.

In this render, we can see an office space, a hallway, and conference rooms, a reception, and the finishes in the roof, as well as a decoration proposal.

As you can observe, the level of detail is amazing. Light sources, reflections, and decorations are all in place with the correct perspective. With the right depth of field and precise textures, this render allows us to know which materials will take part in the project.

Render 2.

The second render is a hotel bar. Note the design of the textures in the columns and how they match the design of the floor reproducing the wave pattern. All the materials are of a similar color palette, and they relate to the earth.

The depth of field is precise, and objects occupy their space with the right proportion. Light sources are placed according to their reflections, which provides realism in any rendering project.

Render 3.

In this render, we can see a wine cellar with astonishing detail in the glass doors, a carpeted staircase with an intricate pattern. We can appreciate the detailed pieces of furniture and the roof lamps which illuminate the space.

Note the amazing attention to detail that is involved in this render.

Render 4.

A residential render which combines 3D modeling with an actual photograph. It shows us that it is possible to mix techniques to enhance the realism of the render.

We can highlight the use of textures to combine with the exterior, concrete texture, stone texture, the glass by the stairs, and the interior design.

Render 5.

In the final render, we can see a restaurant at the airport. Our aim was to create a comfortable space to help customers rest from the agitation that is present at airports. This render was a challenge because it had a great amount of detail and patterns on the floor, on the walls, everywhere.

Also, you can appreciate the modeling of tablets.

We are proud of these 3d renderings as they reflect the attention to detail and care that we put into each project. We encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our senior designers to discuss the rendering services you need.

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