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At 3D World Renderings we are passionate about everything related to 3D animation. We are a boutique studio based in Brooklyn, New York and we specialize in tailor-made proposals for various industries. 

3D renderings are useful in many industries, and at 3D World Renderings we can work with all of them.

In this article, we will talk about five industries that use 3D Modeling software.

1. Entertainment.
Perhaps the obvious answer when we think about the industries that use 3D, in the entertainment world it has been used for decades. At least 90% of every tv show or feature film we watch has some sort of computer graphic imaging, which is mostly used for VFX.

This technology has made it possible to imagine universes and environments that don’t exist for real. One thing is certain 3D modeling software is in the entertainment industry for the long run.

2. Architecture.
In the past, drawings were made from plans and blueprints to provide the first picture of the project. Nowadays these graphics are computer-generated. It is possible to add motion, depth, angles of vision, it is possible to animate inside the structure so that clients know exactly what they’re in for on their project.

3. Gaming.
This industry is also an obvious industry when talking about 3D. Videogames advance at gigantic steps. They are hyper realistic and each day they look more like the real world.

4. Publishing.
3D modeling is a wonderful resource to illustrate textbooks and other type of books due to copyright issues. Illustrations can also convey the point of view of the artist.

5. Geology and science.
Geologists and scientists can use 3D modeling to create models to simulate earthquakes, landforms, or ocean trenches. In medicine, schools are relegating practices in corpses in favor of VR models that recreate the human body to perfection.

At 3D World Renderings we can work with all these industries and bring our creativity to the table. We have an exceptional team of designers, fully committed and passionate about their work. Contact us and let's find a solution for your project! Let’s work together to create the best 3d renderings!

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