10 Creative Ways to utilize Renders

3D renderings are the art of generating images using computers and software to mimic reality. Over the past twenty years, technology has advanced so much that only a trained eye can distinguish between an animation and a photo. This article is about the uses of 3D tech in various industries.

  1. Education. You're in history class, the teacher shows you a slide of a pile of rubble and asks you to picture a great city. It is difficult to visualize the full scope of an ancient civilization by looking at the rubble. However, if current data is used to recreate entire cities into virtual reality tours, the learning experience becomes easier.
  2. Entertainment. Perhaps this is the obvious choice when thinking about industries that use 3D animation. From the release of the movie about living toys, we have experienced an accelerated rise in the use of animation. Twenty years after that movie, the newest release of the same studio portraying animals looks like a documentary, animals are completely lifelike.
  3. Advertising. Another industry that benefits from animation is that of advertising. When you think of soda you remember the sound of the can opening and the bubbly liquid flooding the screen as people dance happily around. Animated products are aesthetic and perfect and that is what sells in advertising.
  4. Scientific visualization. Doctors can benefit from 3D technology when rendering parts of the body to simulate surgeries and this helps them create their strategies for true procedures.
  5. Gaming. This industry is all about animations. There's a very long way between the earliest videogames and what we have now. The realism of these games is astonishing.
  6. Architecture and engineering. The ability to visualize buildings and decoration projects before executing them saves time and money to developers.
  7. Presentations. It doesn't matter what kind of work you do if you're capable of animating your presentations they'll stand out.
  8. Manufacturing. As with architecture, it is possible to recreate products before fabricating them, reducing the need for prototypes.
  9. Simulations. These are used to train people to perform activities that would be too risky without experience, such as flying simulations, combat simulations, among others.
  10. Tourism. Virtual tours of hotels and touristic destinations help with the purchasing decision as it helps visualize hotel rooms and amenities.

3D technology is an ally, you can benefit from it as it is more accessible than before. Check out our 3D Rendering services.

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