How to use Mood Boards?

Pirates used to hide their treasures leaving behind maps to help them find them later, or so many legends tell. A Mood Board is that, a treasure map but to produce a creative project efficiently.

When making mood boards, we accumulate a lot of creative information to help us get to the solution to the problem in hand.

A mood board can be manual, using clippings, scrape material, samples of fonts, color palettes, layouts, and pretty much everything that helps.

Mood boards can also be digital. Some websites specialize in mood boards and allow you to share them with clients and collaborators. We'll discuss these tools so you can use them.

1. Pinterest.
 A widely popular mood board platform that offers a vast image of pre-curated image libraries categorized into themes which makes them easy to find.

2. Evernote. 
This is an office-like app that you wouldn't consider for creating mood boards. It is possible and they're effective and easy to share.

3. Milanote. 
This is an easy-to-use browser-based app that will help you organize your ideas and keep them private or to share them with your collaborators.

4. Sampleboard. 
This app allows you to upload your images and to organize them in separate project files which is very useful.

5. Mural. 
This platform has a fee but provides excellent collaborative work. Ideas flow easier when making diagrams and sharing them with your team members.

Mood boards are a must when planning a creative project. In a mood board, you can gather visual references, set goals, plan strategies, sketch, diagram.

As we said earlier, a mood board is a treasure map and your successful project is at the end of it.

Use this tool when developing a project, and benefit from its creative power and the brainstorming ease it provides to your creative team. And don't forget to visit our website, we do 3D Rendering Services in NY.

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