Save Time and Money with a 3D Render

Years ago, it was unthinkable to favor computer-generated images over photographs. The result was too coarse, plastic-like. Twenty years after, technology is so advanced that computer-generated images are indistinguishable from photographs.

A photorealistic animation is a resource for various industries as it helps to visualize stuff before spending a lot of money and materials building them.

Time travel is far from our reality, but 3D renderings are a glimpse into the future. Imagination is inherent to human beings.  A profession that relies on projections is architecture.

From the beginning, humankind has built cities and found many ways to live. Ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, or Egypt pioneered construction techniques that remain current.

However, construction techniques consisted of proof and error attempts which cost resources and often lives. 

Nowadays, none of that is necessary.  3D renderings compute variables into the software to provide accurate simulations of the construction and how it'll behave in a particular environment.

3D renderings are a high-tech visualization.  We can only imagine where the history of architecture would be if the great masters have had the technology we have today.

You may be concerned that this technology is out of your reach economically speaking, but as it advances, it also becomes more accessible to all.

If you're an architect or a developer, a 3D rendering is a must when looking for investors. Imagine you show them an empty piece of land and ask them to visualize a blueprint. Only architects, engineers, or contractors understand blueprints. 

A different story happens when you show your investors a virtual tour of your project. With only a pair of VR goggles, you can have these people walk your project, live it, grasp it.

Animation in a 3D rendering is photorealistic. There is very little difference between it and a photograph. It will certainly help you secure your investments.

Now, suppose you have investors but want to try different design approaches when building. If contractors follow your instructions and build according to the blueprints but you don't like it, you'll have to spend time and money tearing it down to build it again.

If you use a 3D rendering, it is possible to rethink the blueprints to incorporate the new design without spending money building it.

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