Quick guide to recognizing excellent and innovative visualization projects

A picture speaks a thousand words. We have all heard this timeless phrase and it is true, especially when it comes to renderings.

In this article we’ll dig into the differences between good renderings and bad renderings, because if you have an architecture firm, you don’t want to end up with a lousy depiction of your project, you want your clients to look at your images and say “Wow, I want to be there”.

But what makes a good rendering? Simple, it is realistic. A good rendering is the most effective tool to communicate your vision to your clients, keep in mind that they won’t necessarily know how to read blueprints.

If a rendering is well made, some people won’t even know they’re looking at a computer-generated image. However, a bad rendering is notorious, bad colors, poor composition, randomly pasted objects, let’s just say that your client will not be impressed.

What are the elements of a good rendering?

  • Details:

Details promote realism. Pay attention to things like shadows, light placements, textures, the look and feel of materials. All these things build make your rendering realistic and visually rich.

  • Background:

Just as in the real world, when you look outside there are further details. You must pay attention to building realistic surroundings, to the texture of the trees, of the grass. Imagine spending hours rendering everything so that a pasted tree or cartoony grass ruin everything.

  • Pick your battles.

We know that sometimes there is no time to spend on every aspect of the rendering. When this happens, it is all about the strokes you add, scratches, reflections, perhaps a blanket with realistic ruffles over the couch.

  • Tell a story.

A good rendering tells a story. What do we mean? Perhaps interview your client and add some elements of their personality into the rendering, the image of their pet, the books they read. Make your clients feel like they are there.

The fact is that good renderings will be your best friends when you want to sell your projects because they will help you to showcase your vision and to attract investors to finance the building of your designs. Don’t hesitate to invest in the best renderings because it will pay off.

Whatever the nature of your project might be, you will find extraordinary value in turning your ideas into experiences with us. Schedule a meeting here with one of our senior designers. 

Through our process, we strive to understand and convey our clients’ goals effectively through a mixture of visual disciplines such as RenderingsAnimationsVirtual RealityInteractivePhotography, and Branding services.


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