Imagining interior design in the next decade


3D interior design is the ideal way to visualize architectural works before they’re built or interior design before investing a lot in furniture or artworks. 3D rendering was hard to obtain and expensive because it required major hardware investments.

Nowadays, as technology advances, 3D rendering is and will become more accessible in the coming years. Mobile devices keep getting better at supporting 3D design software, so in the next decade, homeowners will be able to remodel their homes faster and cost-effectively.

Professional tools today are so sophisticated that only a trained eye can distinguish between a photograph and a rendering, and this is a priceless resource for developers as visualizing properties before getting any construction work done allows to cut costs. In this article, we will talk about some predictions expected shortly and how they will affect interior design as we know it.

Smart homes. Smart homes are not a new thing, but they will become much more technological and accessible. Smart cities will be a trend as well. Artificial intelligence and the internet of things will help interiors built in the structure to work with homeowners and allow them to activate them with movement, voice, smartphones, and, why not, thoughts.

3D printing. This is one of the most exciting technologies currently and in the future. 3D printing has multiple applications and many more are being explored, including in the medical industry in which we can already see some prothesis changing people’s lives.

In interior design, it will be possible to create mockups to show clients and to print custom-made pieces unique to the space to be designed.

The tiny house movement. Maybe you’ve seen the tv shows in which people sell their houses and move to miniature homes that sometimes are also mobile. Tiny houses pose a challenge for interior designers as they are becoming increasingly popular.

The objective of moving into tiny houses is to live in just the necessary amount of space to reduce the carbon footprint of each individual and as a response to increasing prices in the real estate market. 

Sustainable design. As humankind, we are more aware of our actions and what they do to the planet, so in the future, it is expected to use energy-efficient materials, recycled items, locally bought things, among others, and this will become an important part of future interior design trends.

Without a doubt, we must keep an eye on the exciting developments to come in the interior design industry of the next decade.

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