The complete guide for renderings in interior design


If you’re an interior designer, 3D renderings are a tool you must know to elevate your work to the next level. Photoshoots require many resources and can be expensive so showcasing your work like this might not be as cost-effective.

Current 3D rendering technology allows designers to show their projects to clients before executing them and this is an efficient way to work.

It is difficult to distinguish between a photograph and a high-quality 3D rendering which is why experienced design firms are using them more and more, especially because clients that are not familiar with reading blueprints can envision a close version of the result.

In this article, we’ll cover some considerations to take about 3D renderings and their uses in interior design.

Visual explanations.

Although words have a lot of power, not everybody knows how to use them effectively and when trying to explain to a client what their project will look like is always better to skip the language barrier and make visual presentations that capture the essential details and leave little room for misinterpretations.

Resources administration.

3D renderings require significantly fewer resources than staging a photoshoot or renting props to decorate a location. An experienced design firm will assign a senior designer that will listen to your needs and will provide personalized attention while developing your project.

Marketing and sales.

If you’re a developer looking to secure investments, 3D renderings and virtual tours are the way to go. You can show people what the project will look like and that offers certainty, which is important to prospective investors.

Client satisfaction.

Visualizations create rapport with clients and allow for smooth communication of ideas. Creating 3D renderings, animated videos, 360° photos and videos allow designers to create compelling presentations making their interactions with customers more dynamic.

Reach out to 3DW, and we will provide further information as to what we can do to bring your ideas to life and help you transmit them to your clients through stunning renderings.

Whatever the nature of your project might be, you will find extraordinary value in turning your ideas into experiences with us. Hire rendering services or schedule a meeting here with one of our senior designers. 

Through our process, we strive to understand and convey our clients’ goals effectively through a mixture of visual disciplines such as RenderingsAnimationsVirtual RealityInteractivePhotography, and Branding services.


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