List of benefits of using new technology in architecture in 2022


Currently, the use of technologies is essential for the work of architects. the current of architects. Gone are the days of drawing on paper, with pencils of different thicknesses and the use of templates to erase. Fortunately, we now have tools and means that allow us to be faster and more effective in the development of projects.

Information technologies and the emergence of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality have changed paradigms at an accelerated pace that seems to have no brake. Mainly, these tools have changed the workflows in the development of projects, in aspects such as representation, simulation, and analysis.

The Building Information Modeling methodology deserves a special mention, because thanks to it the production of planimetry, technical documentation, and representations of exterior and interior views, together with the economic and structural analysis, have become more productive, fast, precise, and easy to share with investors, staff and of course, with clients or buyers of real estate.

The use of project management and evaluation tools, as well as applications for personnel control, traceability of works, and security, are also technological applications that have been incorporated into architectural work. The management of works supported by information technology tools is capable of resolving inefficiencies and improving its programming.

Other important examples of improvements in the efficiency of architectural processes are the drawing of plans in 2D and 3D and the faster preparation of budgets, which allow the versions of what is drawn to be changed as many times as necessary, and present works that are much more complete, eye-catching and tools. 

The form of delivery of plans, sketches, and architectural designs has also been transformed because what used to be transported occupied a large amount of space and required great care, today can be done virtually through email and even the virtual cloud to share files.

In architecture, information technologies have gone beyond improving the production of projects, addressing the exploration of new architectural forms, and favoring the integration of the different specialties involved in the works.

So the advantages of incorporating technology into architectural work are considerable, and also include improvements in the cost-benefit ratio of projects, reducing expenses, optimizing time, and improving efficiency and precision through better control of the machinery and the generation of global perspectives.

All this happens thanks to the fact that in recent years, technological advances have provided multiple tools for the development of digital programming and coordination of architectural projects. For this reason, it has become a relevant trend in the world of construction, championed by BIM technology, which allows it to be done in 3D and 4D and not only through the use of planimetry.

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