Stand out from the crowd. Use virtual tours and potentiate your business

Its expansion and popularization are new, but really, virtual reality is a technology that has been on the market for several decades. Its tools are generating increasing interest in all areas, from education to business; particularly in business, where it is recognized that well-used virtual reality represents an opportunity to win over consumers.

And of course, the real estate business is no exception; on the contrary, in its processes, virtual reality can be used in multiple ways. Being a technology that immerses users in an experience close to reality, through a representation of real or fictitious environments and/or scenes that are generated by software, its use requires the use of accessories such as helmets, gloves, and platforms. or virtual reality glasses, with which the sensory connection is increased, involving hearing, touch, and smell, in addition to sight.

The progress of virtual reality is such that users can become protagonists of interactive actions within these scenes. So, if you were wondering how virtual reality helps the real estate business, here is the answer: With this technology, it is possible to bring potential clients to live pleasant experiences inside the properties that they can buy, even if they are in another city or country.

Providing the ability to explore houses, offices and any other real estate that is for sale through virtual reality platforms is a differentiating factor between you and your competition, which makes you more competitive and offers you a variety of advantages, for example:

  1. Presentation of spaces and properties: As we mentioned before, the first great advantage of using virtual reality tools is being able to carry out the presentation and tours of spaces without this implying moving or making appointments during business hours.
  2. Show clients the final projection of real estate and properties in the process of remodeling: Using virtual reality tools you can show your clients how the finished spaces will look, even when the remodeling or construction work is in progress.
  3. Guided tours in real-time from the comfort and safety of your home or office: Similar to the first advantage that we shared with you, the main attraction of virtual reality in the real estate business is to carry out real estate demonstrations without the need to be physically in them. But, in addition, you can interact with your potential buyers to guide them in real-time during their journey.

Of the 3 previous advantages, a series of benefits are broken down that, without a doubt, you will want to take advantage of:

  • Eliminate location and time limits for the presentation of real estate goods and services.
  • Reduce your transportation costs to physical spaces.
  • Effectively prepare potential customers for their purchase decision.
  • It helps to have better-qualified leads for the sales team.
  • It shortens the time in the sales process.
  • It removes the risks that investors see about physical travel.
  • Raise the prestige and reliability of your real estate agency.

As in other business areas, technology is currently one of the pillars that supports successful companies, as a differentiator that, when put at the service of customers, is capable of creating memorable experiences in them, which reward you with their loyalty, as an unmatched competitive advantage.

Virtual reality is what it is today, and you cannot be left behind.

Our interactive 360º VR tours are an immersive prime real estate marketing tool that allows the buyer to feel what it's like to be in an unbuilt property. We achieve this through the use of highly detailed 360º renderings. A key feature of 360º VR tours is the ability to interact with the innate details of a future location, or multiple spaces at once. Virtual tours are a trending service in the real estate industry, used as a standalone product or enhanced with renderings and animations. Write to us right now.

Whatever your project's nature, you will find extraordinary value in turning your ideas into experiences with us. Hire rendering services or schedule a meeting here with one of our senior designers. 

Through our process, we strive to understand and convey our clients’ goals effectively through a mixture of visual disciplines such as RenderingsAnimationsVirtual RealityInteractivePhotography, and Branding services.


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