The complete guide to understanding what is the architectural visualization and why you need it


The technique of creating a 3D architectural model from scratch, or starting from a 2D architectural design, is known as architectural visualization. This can be done with three different materials, lighting, and different camera angles. After this process, the image is generated that can be viewed through a virtual setting, to appreciate it with all kinds of details. At this point, colors, textures, and shapes are given to the design.

Architectural visualization is a really useful tool to be able to visualize in detail the height, lights, and shadows, dimensions, separation of elements of a project, whether it is a project from an interior design studio, a construction company, or another design studio. architecture.

Architectural visualization is also known as the art of transforming a design into a hyper-realistic image that allows the architect to show his clients the project's final result with multiple details, to evaluate and correct the architectural design before work begins. of construction, and make it possible to make changes in the geometry, colors, structure, and texture of materials, making multiple combinations until the desired result is obtained.

Implementing architectural visualization is a decision that can maximize the potential of your business in different areas:

  • Boost your sales: Few clients have a spatial vision well trained enough to perfectly imagine what a finished space will look like based on a blueprint alone. Having a quality architectural visualization tool makes it easy for you to show and excite the client with what will be the final result of their investment.
  • Get investors: Finding people who trust your work is probably the hardest part of growing your business. But, showing a 3D representation in which the client can see how the space to work will change and be optimized, can certainly capture their attention more quickly, and positively motivate their decision-making at a subconscious level.
  • Improve your prestige: Presenting a project with 3D images that place your audience in context, regardless of whether they are investors, clients, or apprentices, together with reliable and quality documentation, will stimulate the different public control bodies and licensees to make a positive decision about the project you're working on. In addition, when dealing with relations with government institutions, visualization makes it easier for officials to get an idea of ​​how the project will be integrated into the existing landscape, making sure that there is no violation of regulations.
  • Advertise dynamically: Having the ability to produce quality images and audiovisual material allows you to include them in the preparation of promotional campaigns without this generating high production costs. As you know, having good publicity directly influences sales growth.
  • Save money: Since 3D visualization allows you to see, evaluate and finalize the project during its initial stages, reducing the margin of error and any type of additional cost in the construction process, implementing it generates significant savings. Architectural visualization allows the client to evaluate the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the installation, as well as provide their point of view until the desired result is achieved, without this implying the waste of material resources each time a change is made to the project.

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