Benefits of 3D Renderings: Customers love visual advertising


Technology, in many different ways, makes our lives more efficient. In the real estate field, renderings can help your properties for sale to attract more and better the attention of the public you are targeting.

Visual instruments are resources that many real estate developers use to increase their visibility, particularly through established digital channels on the internet.

The render is nothing more than the representation of an object through a digital image that is generated thanks to specialized 3D modeling software that allows portraying realistic appearances from any angle of the model.

To create a professional rendering, it is necessary to process the design through the use and implementation of textures, materials, multiple elements, and lighting, in order to appear photorealistic. Thus, we could say that a professional render is a virtual photograph that represents some object, person, or scene digitally.

In the architectural environment, rendering is a process where realistic images of buildings and spaces that have already had their previous development are produced through sketches and layouts on plans. Through the generation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, realistic photographs, scenarios, and projects are produced that show how completed work will look in the future.

Thus, the rendering designer can show the client how an architectural project evolves and how within it it is possible to make changes, analyze aspects of the material and have a range of possibilities for construction before it is carried out.

The different types of render are developed according to the needs of each client, so knowing which ones they are will help us generate the right one.

2D and 3D renders are usually static and displayed in the form of sketches, drawings, or images. They are made with manual or digital techniques with precise representations of reality.

360° Render: 360° renders allow a glimpse of a project through the immersion of the environment so that the viewer can observe the details precisely. These renders are made using digital techniques where hyper-realistic spaces are generated.

Virtual Tour: Virtual tours are the most complete and useful renderings in the architectural field since with them it is possible for the client to navigate freely between the designed spaces. It is possible to go through entire houses and spaces just as if you were there.
3D models: 3D models are renders that allow a broad glimpse of a project and the context that surrounds it. Through specialized software, they are developed, thus saving materials in real models.

During the navigation of an Internet user in a real estate portal, he will focus mainly on aspects such as the price, area, amenities, and of course the image or photograph that is displayed.

Knowing this, each sale of real estate developments should have eye-catching photographs that can make the user stop to look and be interested in the property displayed.

The renderings fulfill a unique function because thanks to them it is possible to glimpse not only the exterior of the property but also the interior, its spaces, and corners as well as the distribution.

Thanks to this technological tool you can provide the client with a broader vision of what your real estate project represents. In some cases, they even share architectural plans through professional renderings.

Some of the benefits of having renders to increase real estate sales are:

Allows the correct appreciation of spaces
It is possible to navigate and know the corners of the property
The context surrounding the home is known at the same time
A much more professional image is given when presenting part of the architectural project
Gives a hyper-realistic picture of what it would be like to live in such a space
Renderings allow real estate ads to have a greater reach and therefore more traffic

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