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Architectural visualization has been around for centuries, although it was not previously as sophisticated as it is known today. Drawings and paintings were for years the means to represent finished structures before their construction. In the 1990s, the move from paper to CAD was joined by video, with the new ability to produce walkthroughs and flyovers from design.

It was only a matter of time before architectural visualization professionals discovered real-time rendering, which can produce a finished video in a fraction of the time of traditional rendering processes.

Initially intended for game development, real-time rendering engines have reached a level of quality and photorealism that makes them ideal for presenting architectural designs.

But with real-time rendering came an unexpected bonus: new types of presentations that are compelling for clients. This means that architectural visualization can now include immersive experiences such as virtual reality walkthroughs, and interactive projects with automated virtual cave environments to present design in ways never seen before; even before it is materially finished.

Now it is as simple as using virtual reality glasses that allow visitors to see each other and the projection at the same time, just as would happen during an in-person visit to the property, whether it is built or just under construction. Thanks to virtual reality, they can point to something, look at it together and have a normal conversation with the person next to them, which is much more effective and motivating than looking at a map to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different options and with it, if necessary, make adjustments on time, before finishing the construction, instead of going back or modifying a finished property.

3D visualization:
  • Attract clients: For non-architects, imagining what a building would look like just by looking at a blueprint can be quite difficult. 3D visualization is a very attractive way of selling an architectural project to its final buyers. Also, it is a great way to arouse the interest of partners and buyers of the construction project. For both groups, 3D visualization is a way of interacting with the project and facilitating its understanding, even when they are outside your geographical area.
  • Improve collaboration processes: Architectural visualization facilitates communication and collaboration between project participants. Everyone involved can sit down together and analyze the visualization for details and opportunities for improvement, and it even opens up the ability to alter the 3D visualization in real-time while discussing with the collaborative team.
  • Create expectations: Creating expectations about a new architectural project is important. Thanks to the high-quality visuals that architectural visualization provides, it also contributes to building better marketing strategies.
  • Reduces the risk of errors: This technology allows architects, engineers, and builders to walk corridor by corridor and in search of errors, to rethink design issues, types of materials, and disadvantages of the current model, thereby even achieving cost reduction, thanks to its editable files with remote access, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings, the possibility of taking tours from home and, with a click, generating floor plans, rendered 3D stills, panoramas, photorealistic images or virtual tours in real-time.

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